About Semiconductor Inspection Department

Carl Zeiss group has more than 40 years in semiconductor inspection equipment. In the past, they focused on the selling of wafer inspection equipment. Since 2002 they started to research and develop mask simulation equipment, the wavelength is from Aims 248nm to 193nm. Furthermore, Carl Zeiss Group itself has an independent R & D electron beam microscopy technology, they developed a series of E-beam repair tool. Nowadays, the tool can repair not only current photomask but also advanced EUV photomask.

As Carl Zeiss Scanner lenses manufacture division has advanced research and development of Stage, the supplier Sematech invited Carl Zeiss semiconductor division to join the design of latest photomask overlay equipment to meet an under 0.5nm precision measurement. Recently, Carl Zeiss Semiconductor devision launch a new series tool CDC/WLCD to improve CDU Uniformity of photomask because of strict demand. The tool will be used in not only mask but also chip department. In the future, Carl Zeiss semiconductor division intends to launch Aims EUV tool to provide EUV measurement for photomask industry in 2015.

Our semiconductor division sets up a Spare Parts Hub in Taiwan 2013 and expects to speed up the delivery of spare parts to Southeast Aisa customers. We always hold our concept of service customer and keep working heard.