TIC semiconductor Service team for Carl Zeiss equipment

1.In order to support the customers in good qualify , our service contract is able to support 7days/24hours . 

2.For various of different service contracts, we can feed the customer needs. We provide
   A. Full annual service contract
   B. PM and labor service contract
   C. PM contract 

3.When we support all Carl Zeiss semiconductor photomask equipment, the service team divides into Optical team and e-beam team

4.Optical team will serve all Aims tools , CDC tools and Prove tools.
   E-beam team will serve all Mask repair tools 

5.For our average uptime figures, Aims tools can meet up to 97% uptime and 95% for Merit tools. 

6.For spare parts support , we have spare parts HUB in Hsinchu .Whenever customers join the service contract, it will include the service of spare parts HUB program .  So, the spare parts delivery time can be shortened . 

7.Our service team locates at Hsinchu , Taichung , Tainan and Shanghai cities. We have over 25 engineers in the fields. 

8.During at night and weekend support , we have one optics engineer and one e-beam engineer for standby in each regions, helping customers for day-off service

9.No matter the senior engineers and managers , they have over 10 and 20 years experiences in the field, and we have also HQ hot line support for high level service requirement . 

10.In order to improve the service requirement , we also invest 3 HQ engineers who stay in Hsinchu for high level support.