Additional service offerings

為了讓客戶機台處於最佳狀態, 我們提供了以下服務

Upgrades Business 升級

Some of our photomask systems are developed to have additional capabilities, often with an upgrade path to maximise their application space and usage in the market. Such options or upgrades can address both technical capability and productivity of our equipment.

Relocation 移機

Due to the dynamic marketplace and longevity of ZEISS equipment, you might find yourself in the situation were you require the relocation of your systems. Whether this be within a single cleanroom, or right around the globe – you can be confident that ZEISS has the infrastructure to make this happen. Right from a simple installation, up to refurbishment with a commitment to the original specification.


As an integral part of Predict® we offer consulting services that can act not only on the tool, but also at the fab level. Using the extensive industry knowledge of our specialists we have the ability to uncover solutions that are not always visible to single organisations. Such can include specific maintenance activities or process optimization for tools.

Spares 備用零件

For those customers who demand additional peace of mind ZEISS is able to tailor spares packages on all product lines that can be made available and shipped to the field. Customers who enter into the Predict® program can benefit from preferential pricing for such packages. Together with our three key spare hubs in Europe, Asia and the US the program operates fast and smooth.

On-Site 駐點

Depending upon your requirements and location, from time to time it will be sensible to invest in a support resource that is dedicated to a particular facility. Such an additional expert can work side by side with your engineers building a long term and effective relationship that has been shown to be successful in all regions.