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( for 200 mm open/SMIF cassette )



•Vehicle with robot and 4 buffers for 200 mm SMIF pods
•Vehicle with robot and 2 buffers for FOUPs
•Vehicle with robot and 2 buffers for open cassettes
•Vehicle for transport only ( 6 or more cassettes, boxes, …)

Key Features
  • Fully free-moving platform and ultimate maneuverability with omni-directional drive technology
  • Vibration-free handling with powerful, for 24/7 use proven industrial 6-axis robot
  • Charging on-the-fly during handling enables 24/7 operation
  • Vertical & horizontal laser scanners for a safe collaboration of human and machine
  • High material safety due to redundant sensors, active lock in an emergency case and occupancy check of load ports (special: earthquake protection)
  • Versions for SMIF pods and open cassettes available
  • HSFM fleet manager for multi robot management