Zeiss Elyra S.1 超解析螢光顯微鏡

  • SIM_Structured Illimination Microscopy

  • 真正的3D Super resolution!

  • 不需要特殊的螢光染劑/蛋白

ELYRA S.1硬體搭配特色
• turnkey SR-SIM system 
• 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm and 642 nm and most of your standard dyes
• multiple gratings to achieve uncompromised resolution gain for different wavelengths
• excellent color correction
• a Piezo stage insert for fast, reliable and reproducible Z-sampling
• a sensitive EM-CCD camera for wide-field detection (Andor iXon series)
• incubation for highest stability
• wide-field and structured illumination on one system
• specific gratings for each excitation wavelength, motorized exchange for multicolor  experiments 
• choice between 3 or 5 pattern rotations for optimized speed or maximal resolution 
• dual camera option for simultaneous two color imaging


Software of ELYRA S.1 軟體特色
• all superrresolution features are integrated into the ZEN software 
• 64 bit architecture 
• batch processing for multiple files 
• advanced algorithm with automatic and professional mode for superresolution image  reconstruction 
• supports use of positional fiducials for automatic drift correction 
• supports system specific chromatic aberration correction for reliable colocalization  analysis



光路中利用有固定空間頻率的柵格(gird)投影在樣品上形成Moiré pattern,利用所得到的影像可以利用軟體計算出未知樣品真實影像。

一般differection limited的二維影像經Fourier 轉換後於K space上的空間頻率域限制在紅圈範圍內。
柵格經過數次的不同角度旋轉投影之後可增加影像其K sapace上的空間頻率(黑圈),且每一次的旋轉後柵格會再做5次的phase shift,從這些連續拍攝的柵格干涉影像可”還原”出樣品3D高解析構造。
Sample: Axonal growth cone, Staining: Actin (phalloidin)