Zeiss ELYRA P.1 共軛焦顯微鏡
Photoactivated Localization Microscopy, PALM


  • 提升10倍! 最高20nm解析度!
  • 真正的單分子等級的Single- Molecule Superresolution Microscopy
  • 亦為STROM( stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy)
  • 支援multi-channel

ELYRA P.1 將光學顯微鏡帶入致臻境界。通過定位細微結構乃至單分子,實現 20 nm 的橫向解析度和 50 nm 軸向解析度。

蓋玻片周圍是感興趣區域。在細胞膜內或細胞膜附近觀察和測量單分子,尤其是脂筏-細胞膜上富含膽固醇和糖鞘酯的區域、受器叢集、細胞基質的粘連部位。借助三維 PALM,您可以使用光切換蛋白質及獲得出色的 z 軸捕獲範圍。

ELYRA P.1 獨一無二的專利型 PALM 技術將圖像品質帶入全新境界。20 nm 的高清晰解析度檢測可讓您觀察底層結構和圖樣細胞器亞結構,而傳統光學顯微鏡僅能提供這一區域的共定位資訊。

作為單分子研究手段成像,PALM 是天生的定量分析專家,因為每張圖像都是一個分子統計實驗。

  • ELYRA P.1硬體搭配特色

• turnkey PAL-M system 
• powerful lasers (488 nm, 561 nm and 642 nm all at 100 mW) to achieve efficient imaging and de-activation of dyes
• attenuable 405 nm laser to guarantee optimal activation of dyes
dedicated TIRF objectives (Plan-Apochromat 100x / 1.46 NA Oil DIC,
• Plan-Apochromat 100x / 1.57 NA HI Oil DIC with non-toxic, non volatile oil for highest signal-to-noise
• incubation for highest stability
• wide-field and TIRF illumination on one system
• fully motorized TIRF beam path including angle and field adjustment 
• four powerful laser lines, UV laser with extended dynamic range for activation fine tuning 
• single molecule detection with back-thinned EM-CCD camera (Andor iXon series) 
dual camera option for simultaneous two color imaging 
• combination option with LSM 710/ LSM 780

  • ELYRA P.1軟體特色

• all superrresolution features are integrated into the ZEN software 
• online processing of superresolution data during PAL-M acquisition 
• 64 bit architecture 
• supports use of positional fiducials for automatic drift correction 
• supports system specific chromatic aberration correction for reliable colocalization analysis 
• rich display and export options for PAL-M data


  • ELYRA P.1原理說明


single molecular superresolution microscopy 參考螢光蛋白與染劑
peak excitation (Ex) emission (Em) wavelengths, molar extinction coefficient (EC), quantum yield (QY), relative brightness, number of photons emitted per molecule (N Photons), ND indicates the values have not been determined, NA means that the value is not applicable.