The ZEISS MeRiT neXT mask repair technology follows two strategies to meet the demands of tomorrow‘s lithography:

(1) The required repair quality in terms of resolution and placement accuracy is being addressed by an updated and enhanced ebeam platform including an actively controlled mini-environment.

(2) Minimum repair size as well as new and challenging mask technologies are being handled by an increased number of processes.

  • The ebeam mask repair system ZEISS MeRiT neXT is designed with completely replaced components.
  • Low energy column
  • The ZEISS low energy column enables the repair of minimal transparent and opaque defects of any geometry on all mask types (classic and new generation) such as binary, MoSi, OMOG, HD/HT PSM as well as EUV masks.
  • Enhanced selectivity
  • The redesigned precursor cabinet enables a high selectivity for the repair processes. The recipe based operation allows user specific extensions for upcoming mask types.
  • Rapid Prototype Microscope (RPM)
  • The previous AFM solution was replaced by a novel Rapid Probe Microscope (RPM) to achieve unparalleled throughput and reliability. The RPM operates at SEM speed level.
  • New stage
  • ZEISS MeRiT neXT has a faster stage with an improved XY repeatability and increased throughput
  • The redesigned gas delivery in combination with the significantly low beam energy leads to a higher resolution.