ZEISS Axiocam 305 Camera

5百萬像素 x 超高速彩色相機  

  • Global shutter 全局快門 即時畫面不扭動        
  • 2/3”大尺寸感光元件 3.4 5μm/px                   
  • 36 fps@2464x2056 大尺寸活細胞攝影           
  • 相容於所有ZEISS顯微鏡USB 3.0 高速傳輸介面

Sheet.png            Plot.png
1.sample1.png  2.sample2.png

1.Liver of Amphiuma in brightfield, HE-staining,acquired with ZEISS Axio Imager,
objective: EC Plan-NEOFLUAR 20x
2.Pure iron in brightfield, reflected light, acquired with ZEISS Axio Observer, objective: EC Epiplan-APOCHROMAT 50x