The Spectrim kits are the ideal solutions for anyone involved in electronic imaging who wants to simplify the purchase and integration of imaging software and hardware components. These kits include a frame grabber (PCI only), acquisition software, an interface cable, and complete hard-copy documentation. A variety of different camera inputs can be processed by each card

The Pro-Series Spectrim kit includes a Spectrim Pro video card that works effortlessly with Image-Pro Plus . This combination allows you an extensive array of configurations and flexibility with your imaging system. For more routine analyses, the Express-Series Spectrim Lite kit is available. It includes a Spectrim Lite frame grabber capable of decoding and displaying commonly used video standards and signal formats and is compatible with Image-Pro Express 
The cards in each kit are non-VGA frame grabbers. The benefit is that you are not forced to use an alternative VGA. Because the capture cards consist of only a frame grabber, you have more choices for video display. Using a capture kit means you may use the built-in display capabilities of their computer or add a display card of their choice instead of relying on a potentially limiting VGA.