Image Pro

From Images to Answers

Imaging needs are rapidly growing and changing. One software user may need an entry-level image capture and enhancement solution, while another may need a more robust package that offers customizable macros and application-specific plug-in modules.

This is why Media Cybernetics has developed the Image-Pro Family software series. Based on the Image-Pro platform already used daily by thousands of researchers and engineers, the Image-Pro Family offers three unique Image-Pro packages to accommodate a variety of imaging needs. 

The Image-Pro Family

Image-Pro R Express

Perfect for basic imaging or for image capture stations, Image-Pro Express offers numerous capture and enhancement options. 

Image-Pro R Discovery

More advanced than Image- Pro Express, Image-Pro Discovery includes added measurement and analysis capabilities.

Image-Pro R Plus

The ultimate imaging software package, Image-Pro Plus includes all of the functionality of Image-Pro Discovery along with added analysis tools and the ability to write customized macros and plug-ins.


Complete image solution
•  Image acquire with live window 
•  Image composition including stitching, tiling, rotation, multicolor and etc. 
•  Image process from the basic to advancement 
•  Image measurement from geometric measurement to threshold-based measurement 
•  Special application, such as colocalization, cell counting, motion, 3D deconv., FRET, neuron branch, neuron process